fasten down

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fasten something down (to something)

to attach something down to something else. Fasten this board down to the top of the workbench. Please fasten down the board.
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After applying the antiseize, use a breaker bar or torque wrench on the barrel nut to fasten down the barrel to either tight snugness or the recommended torque.
For example, new breeds of skates and rays have been discovered, but we still don't really know how and where they breed, the scale of their populations and how they fasten down to the seabed.
However, he has been unable to fasten down a regular place in the side this season and his prospects have looked even bleaker after ex-Blues player Mat Birley joined Rovers.
When Lenny Moore settles into his usual seat today on the 40-yard line at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium, he promises that when the visitors in the white uniforms with the distinctive blue horseshoe on their helmets run out of the tunnel, he won't have to fasten down his heartstrings.
A crucial moment will come a few days into the flight when security bolts used to fasten down Beagle 2 during transport to Baikonur and the launch are released.
So please make sure you securely fasten down any luggage on your roof.
Some runners used the tape to fasten down their runner number to keep it from catching the wind and adding resistance.