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fasten someone or something (on)to someone or something

to attach people or things together. He fastened himself onto the mast of the boat with a length of rope. I fastened a note onto Jimmy, so his kindergarten teacher would read it and remind him to wear his gloves home.
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fasten something down (to something)

to attach something down to something else. Fasten this board down to the top of the workbench. Please fasten down the board.
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fasten something up

to close something up, using buttons, a zipper, snaps, hooks, a clasp, or other things meant to hold something closed. Please fasten this up for me. I can't reach the zipper. Please fasten up my buttons in back.
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fasten (up)on someone or something

1. Lit. to take firm hold of someone or something. She fastened upon me and would not let me go until she finished speaking. I don't like people who fasten on me and ask a lot of questions.
2. Fig. to fix one's attention on someone or something. He fastened upon the picture for a brief moment and then turned away. The baby fastened on the television screen and watched it for many minutes.
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amp;nbsp;Is there something Fasten could do to swing the odds a little more in Boston's favor?
The volunteers - usually four to a car - showed parents how to fasten in the seat correctly, then had the parents do it themselves.
Fasten (through ply) to underside of floor with 3" nails or deck screws.
11 Kyodo Japan Airlines (JAL), citing the prevalence of turbulence that may lead to injury on its flights, has begun broadcasting a notice to passengers to fasten their seat belts over blankets to make checking easier.
3 : a slender pointed piece (as of wood or metal) usually having the shape of a cylinder used to fasten articles together or in place
You should fasten the buckles over the top of the foot just tight enough to hold the foot.