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Fast workers can gross $120 a day, good money for a job with little investment beyond a pair of boots and a strong back.
Because baseline scores are a measure of preexisting skill, performance indicates that "fast workers get faster, and slower workers get slower." Aiello and Kolb conclude that productivity increases only when workers have mastered the task and suggest that monitoring may lead to poorer performance and a longer learning curve among those who are still learning their job.
* Hire fast workers. When interviewing remodelers, as "How soon can you start?" Ask "How soon can you finish?" Anybody can begin work tomorrow - it takes seasoned pros to bring a project in on deadline.
Being personable and intelligent helps." But after that, how far and how fast workers go is unpredictable.
CUP SENSATIONS Sunderland's Ritchie Pitt watches a save during the 1973 FA Cup final victory over Leeds United; OLYMPIC SUCCESS Brendan Foster sets the 5,000 metres record at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.; FAST WORKERS Jackie Milburn scores the opener for Newcastle United in the 1955 FA Cup final victory over Manchester City after 45 seconds; ON TOP OF THE WORLD England captain Bobby Moore holds aloft the World Cup after that most famous of victories over Germany at Wembley in 1966.
FAST WORKERS: The pace of recent Rangers scorers Cousin and Novo, far right, will have Red Star worried