fast track

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fast track

An accelerated path to success or achievement. Jacob was doing so well in all of his classes that his school put him on the fast track so he could graduate early. Many authors sell books that promise to put their readers on a fast track to wealth and prosperity.
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1. adjective Having or denoting the most expedited or direct course. The banks' fast-track mortgage schemes meant huge numbers of people could suddenly afford to buy houses, but the huge, unfixed interest rates ended up leading to record numbers of foreclosures and repossessions. The company's CEO has been criticized for giving fast-track promotions to friends and family members.
2. verb To expedite or speed up some process. The government announced plans to fast-track citizenship applications for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children.

fast track

A situation involving high pressure, competition, and, especially, rapid success or advancement. For example, He was definitely on a fast track, becoming a partner after only five years in the firm , or This company was on the fast track in software development. This term alludes to a dry, hard horse track that enables horses to run at high speeds. [Colloquial; mid-1960s] Also see fast lane.
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the fast track

COMMON The fast track to something is the quickest way of achieving it. These students will learn leadership, management and computer skills — and be put on the fast track to a highly paid job. Like many of his classmates, Chris Urwin believes a university degree will be his passport to the fast track into a company. Note: If someone or something is on the fast track or on the fast track to a particular goal or state, they are likely to achieve it very soon or very easily. This sweet Carolina gal is on the fast track to becoming country music's newest star. Those kids are on a fast track to becoming unhealthy adults. Note: You can also talk about a fast-track approach to something or a fast-track way of achieving something. The fast-track process speeds up approval of international trade agreements. They offer fast-track promotion schemes for promising young executives. Note: Fast track is also used as a verb to mean to make something happen quickly. The chance for Columbus to fast track him to the National Hockey League was too good to miss. Note: A track here is a running track or racing track.
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Critics have at times argued that fast track is not really necessary to negotiate trade agreements.
The taxpayer and the government reserve the right to withdraw from fast track at any point.
Manufacturers have requested Fast Track designation for 569 drugs and 195 biological products since the Fast Track program was set into law.
Prior to the Fast Track process, three ranking officers (a captain, major, and colonel) reviewed all applications, which proved time consuming and slowed the approval process unnecessarily.
Specifically, despite having lost the fights to reinstate fast track in 1997 and 1998, the Administration was able to get the bill giving China permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) through Congress.
The two failed fast track bills were relatively "clean" - that is, they excluded labor and environmental agreements from the scope of fast track procedures.
The decision to reduce the price of the NYNEX FAST TRACK Digital Directory--Library version was marketdriven," said Kurt Roessner, president, NYNEX Information Technologies.
If either House had voted no, fast track would have been discontinued.
The FDA's Fast Track program is designed, among other things, to facilitate the development and expedite the review of new drugs that demonstrate the potential to address unmet medical needs.
14, 2001, the LMSB Compliance Division and Appeals jointly introduced the Fast Track Dispute Resolution (FTDR) Program; see Notice 2001-67.
However, in July 1995, the FBI Academy initiated Fast Track, a remedial firearms program, which represented a significant shift in its firearms training philosophy.
In today's highly volatile economic climate, properly managed Fast Track construction offers project owners the potential for significant time and cost savings.