fast track

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fast track

An accelerated path to success or achievement. Jacob was doing so well in all of his classes that his school put him on the fast track so he could graduate early. Many authors sell books that promise to put their readers on a fast track to wealth and prosperity.
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1. adjective Having or denoting the most expedited or direct course. The banks' fast-track mortgage schemes meant huge numbers of people could suddenly afford to buy houses, but the huge, unfixed interest rates ended up leading to record numbers of foreclosures and repossessions. The company's CEO has been criticized for giving fast-track promotions to friends and family members.
2. verb To expedite or speed up some process. The government announced plans to fast-track citizenship applications for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children.
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fast track

A situation involving high pressure, competition, and, especially, rapid success or advancement. For example, He was definitely on a fast track, becoming a partner after only five years in the firm , or This company was on the fast track in software development. This term alludes to a dry, hard horse track that enables horses to run at high speeds. [Colloquial; mid-1960s] Also see fast lane.
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the fast track

COMMON The fast track to something is the quickest way of achieving it. These students will learn leadership, management and computer skills — and be put on the fast track to a highly paid job. Like many of his classmates, Chris Urwin believes a university degree will be his passport to the fast track into a company. Note: If someone or something is on the fast track or on the fast track to a particular goal or state, they are likely to achieve it very soon or very easily. This sweet Carolina gal is on the fast track to becoming country music's newest star. Those kids are on a fast track to becoming unhealthy adults. Note: You can also talk about a fast-track approach to something or a fast-track way of achieving something. The fast-track process speeds up approval of international trade agreements. They offer fast-track promotion schemes for promising young executives. Note: Fast track is also used as a verb to mean to make something happen quickly. The chance for Columbus to fast track him to the National Hockey League was too good to miss. Note: A track here is a running track or racing track.
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The ISP is currently planning to conduct a Fast Track Cadet Class in the spring of 2020.
Rounding out Brown-Forman's 2019 Growth Brand winners, Herradura tequila grew 11.7% for 200,000 cases, earning a Fast Track award.
Critique: Exceptionally informative, impressively written, accessibly organized and presented, "Fast Track to Romance" is an exclusive and unreservedly recommended instructional guide knowledgeably written by Gail Karpus--a past matchmaker and a dating expert with over 500 dates of her own.
Reportedly, the Fast Track Designation is supported by data from the 24-week open label multicentre Phase 2 trial in patients with Wilson Disease (WTX101-201), which was conducted by Wilson Therapeutics.
Also, during critical moments you can reach out to the right company, person or service with a single tap with Fast track numbers," said Narayan Babu, Director of Product and Engineering at Truecaller.
87 (50.6%) patients fast tracked successfully and remaining 85(49.4%) stayed overnight in PICU due to some complications.
Just follow the 'how to enter' steps below and you, and your loved ones, could soon be opening the door to an extra special Fast Track delivery from Argos to get your year of sport off to a real winner!
Obama and free-trade backers in Congress thought they had a winning strategy last week when they brought a Senate-passed bill to the House floor containing both fast track, backed by Republicans, and worker aid, which Democrats want.
As Wyden has often noted, a vote granting the president fast track authority is not the same as a vote for the TPP - a point that seems lost on treaty opponents.
The decision to introduce this Fast track System of promotion was taken in a meeting held in the office of the Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkwa Mr.
A SECOND sales mission is being planned by Fast Track China (UK) Ltd, helping more UK businesses including on Teesside to take their first steps into exporting products and services to the "Middle Kingdom".
Fast Track China (UK) Ltd s taking regional firms on a trade mission in May 2015, following a successful first trip in October.
THE AMERICA INVENTS Act included a system that enables inventors to fast track their patents, getting them approved at a faster rate.
It created new forms of post-grant reviews, prevented plaintiffs from joining together dozens of companies in lawsuits, and created a system that enables inventors to fast track their patents, getting them approved at a faster rate.