fast one

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a fast one

1. A trick, deception, or practical joke. Typically used in the phrase "pull a fast one." It turns out that the supposed alien visitors people had been seeing were just a bunch of teenagers pulling a fast one on the town. I've got a great plan to pull a fast one on the school for April Fools' Day. The fake article had been in print in the renowned scientific journal for more than a week before its author revealed that he had pulled a fast one.
2. vulgar slang An instance of sexual intercourse intentionally conducted in a short period of time; a "quickie." Yeah, we had sex, but it wasn't some big romantic thing—it was just a fast one.
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fast one

a clever and devious trick. (Compare this with pull a fast one.) That was a fast one. I didn't know you were so devious. This was the last fast one like that you'll ever catch me with.
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fast one

1. n a fast act of sex; a quickie; a quick one. I think we’ve got time for a fast one!
2. n. a fast or quickly performed activity, such as eating or drinking something. Here’s a tavern. You got time for a fast one?
3. n. a clever and devious trick. (see also pull a fast one.) That was a fast one. I didn’t know you were so devious.
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pull a fast one, to

To execute an unfair trick. This slangy Americanism dates from about 1920. A. Gilbert was one of many popular novelists to use it (Death Against the Clock, 1958): “Mad to think they can pull a fast one.”
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"If Bach tries to pull a fast one, I'm going to slam him… and I hope Craig Reedie (President of the World Anti-Doping Agency) does the same.
MERCURY regular Syd Vaughan is in danger of pulling a fast one when he suggests that weary train drivers don't get transport home, yet police officers might.
Ross Anderson, Professor of Security Engineering at Cambridge, said: "The Government have pulled a fast one. There are no limits set on the way this data can be used; this database will hoover up all the personal medical data on every person, and it can be used for whatever the Secretary of State says it can be used for."
"The pool was a fast one, very good to use, and the whole event was very well organised."
Almost one in three admitted they called in sick after drinking too much the night before - even though many suspected their boss knew they were "pulling a fast one".
"I think the WRU are pulling a fast one," said Beddau secretary Barrie Small.
A San Jose, Calif., woman thought she pulled a fast one, probably until her recent arrest on auto insurance fraud charges.
But the House of Representatives [this summer] pulled a fast one on a public that overwhelmingly favors gun locks." In July, "the House passed an amendment to a law-enforcement bill that overturns the law by prohibiting its enforcement." The sponsor of the amendment, noted the paper, said the mandatory lock was an extra cost to gun owners.
The period for which the latter calibration was made happened to be an exceptionally fast one. If a more representative mean rotation had been used, we would need no adjustment most years, and there would be as many lost seconds as leap seconds.
(An old vet suggested a two-day fast to shrink her stomach, and then fast one day a week until she was down to 45 lb.)
"It appears the California Air Resources Board tried to pull a fast one in authorizing their fast lane standards before the EPA issued its regulations," said Talent.
"Architecture and urban planning are sluggish; the crisis offers instant models of transformation where everyday urban situations that we saw at a low speed can suddenly be seen at a fast one." Reflecting on the time-lapse effects of Katrina, Corbalan notes the newfound visibility of poor African Americans and the increased invisibility of illegal immigrants, who avoided rescue workers for fear of deportation.
This movie, however, pulls a fast one on the audience.
In addition to monetary contributions, the priests fast one day a week and hold weekly Masses to pray for healing the pain that sexual abuse has caused.
What really worries me about cross-cultural training is the possibility that foreigners may be playing a fast one on us.