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Moreover, in this eternal Fashioner, the beginning and origin of all creation, all things are regulated in an unshakable ordering by his eternal reasons so that, regulated by divine providence, all things whatsoever might ultimately come to rest in his orderings.
Central Command, calling for a return to pre-Goldwater-Nichols Act days when Service staffs and Joint Staff were the preeminent fashioners of campaign strategy and the operational framework for field commander execution.
Its influence on the life and thought of the fashioners of public opinion--leading men of letters, journalists, educators and scholars--was fast disappearing; and its hold was gone on a large fraction of the bourgeoisie and on the bulk of the urban proletariat.
Second, broad disdain and distrust for the extremely conservative ideology of the fashioners of the Index--especially for the Dominicans who crafted the 1583 Index under the aegis of inquisitor Quiroga--burrowed deeply into Mexican religious consciousness at the highest levels.
Scarier than that reported alliance is that Fat M is also said to be doing rides for fashioners Paul Frank and Don Hardy.
Part II critiques the work of the most influential early modern students and fashioners of myth, including W.
584), then swiftly quote two of its primary fashioners, C.
For every cause of anything whatever's passing from non-being into being is poesis, so that even the productions of all the arts are poeseis, and the fashioners of these things poetai.
Both of these views are said, however, to ignore the fact that individuals and communities are in the process of becoming and that they are in some sense the fashioners of their own characters.
The historical profession of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, if by that we mean the professors, the research scholars, the indefatigable toilers in archives and fashioners of learned monographs, had little place in it for the kind of skeptical irreverence and iconoclasm represented by Green.