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"It's the first season of Vaunt International Fashioner Week and I am really excited for it.
The reader is the ultimate fashioner (formal cause) of the poem.
Regarded as God's own spirit, intelligent, holy, the fashioner of all things and the image of God's glorious goodness, wisdom was also regarded as the creative logos or word of God in which all truth is revealed.
There is now no place on earth where the enterprise of science is rooted in the conception that takes the natural world as a creation of Allah, whose Most Beautiful Names (al-asma' al-husna) include al-Khaliq (the Creator), al-Bari (the Originator), and al-Musawwir (the Shaper and Fashioner of forms).
Then, too, the state itself moved into the business of culture and citizenship, increasingly seeing its role as arbiter among people and fashioner of national culture.
For Thurman, every human being "has the mark of the image of God in him [or her]; he is the creator of worlds, a dreamer of dreams, and a fashioner of kingdoms.
But with a shallow understanding that has become a hallmark of most talk-radio entertainers, he also blasted the gold standard which "from time immemorial has been the breeder of hate, the fashioner of swords, and the destroyer of mankind"--even as he urged his listeners to rise up "against the Morgans, the Kuhn-Loebs, the Rothschilds, the Dillon-Reeds, [and] the Federal Reserve banksters."
Boddy's first chapter teases out the way in which the ancients set the tone of the understanding of boxing in terms which have been associated ever since with 'boxosophy' (John Bee's 1821 term for 'the philosophy of boxing'): as the mirror image and best preparation for war, as a sport that fosters and inculcates masculinity, as a sign of national superiority, as an encouragement to fitness and fashioner of the body beautiful, even as a vehicle for 'homoerotic admiration and seduction'.
The artist fulfills an initial and limited role as fashioner of the object which only can become a "work of art" through the patina of use.
The Qur'an is against representation in art: "He is Allah, the Creator, the Shaper out of naught, the Fashioner. His are the most beautiful names.
1131) in art, is possibly in a position to assess the merits of Kramer's portrait, the greatest career challenge facing its fashioner hitherto.
Here was the great critic, fashioner of the most comprehensive and synthesizing theory of literature since Aristotle, confessing that it was music he loved best.
M., The MNE as a Creator, Fashioner and Respondent to Institutional Change, Mimeo, Universities of Reading, Rutgers and Maastricht 2006.
Ornstein sees Bottom as the "chief fashioner" of the newly found "harmony" established in the final scene.