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Bendacha arrived fashionably late, armed with his backpack, camera and a GoPro.
The party goes on until tomorrow - for those who are choosing to be fashionably late, tickets are still available by visiting www.
Summary: It's a sunny afternoon in Beirut and you're sitting in a cafe, waiting for a friend who is running fashionably late as usual, but it doesn't bother you because now you have time to catch the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory on your smartphone.
THE group stage of Euro 2016 featured plenty of crucial goals in the last ten minutes of matches but Belgium have been leaving it fashionably late for years.
THERE thin line between being fashionably late and downright tardy - this cool clock keep you on straight narrow time-wise.
The evening meal in her household was served fashionably late leaving a long period of time between lunch and dinner.
It's been so fun," said Lady Gaga, who arrived fashionably late in a red gown with a thigh-high slit.
The cutting edge store is arriving fashionably late in the month, launching on the final Friday.
Though they came fashionably late, there was a buzz around the SCG.
Maya Diab made a grand appearance when she arrived fashionably late to the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience.
It was too late now to go and get a coffee, to play it cool and arrive fashionably late like she hadn't a care in the world.
There wasn't a single person in line at check-in (mind you, the lady said they'd all been and gone two hours before - Jo and I are always fashionably late for flights).
This week also sees the return of Warwickshire writer and actor Ginny Davis with her latest play, Fashionably Late for one night only.
From the X-ray perspective, the gas cloud is late to the party, but it remains to be seen whether G2 is fashionably late or a no show.