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Fashion Victims: Dress at the Court of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette
Suddenly fashion victim takes on a whole new meaning..
"Normally, my style is bit more understated but when asked to be in a photo one must tap into that inner fashion victim," jokes Kolotouros, who didn't take scissors to her own coif but let celeb stylist Sally Hershberger do the job.
I CAN'T say I agree with your Fashion Victim columnist, Emma Johnson, in Style City about whether schoolgirls should be allowed to wear fake tan.
Luckily Susan doesn't mind being a fashion victim and can't wait for her second Games.
Bardwell's--I mean Dorian's--story is that he's an alienated high-school fashion victim who is bad at sports.
He also says grey is coming back and warns the industry to brace for "Fashion Victim Pink."
"Fashion Victim doesn't look very keen to start," calls Thommo, "but I'm sure he'll do it now."
Fashion victim: infective endocarditis after nasal piercing.
The phrase "fashion victim" has taken on new meaning in Japan, as the rage for extreme forms of platform shoes has resulted in two deaths.
Actress Elisa Donovan, who plays fashion victim Amber in the TV series Clueless, crossed over the line in 1992 to battle anorexia, an eating disorder marked by an intense fear of gaining weight or getting fat (see "The Skinny on Eating Disorders," p.
She's not a fashion victim. She was the first to go casual.
What was humorous was that a celebrity on one arbiter's Hit List could be deemed a fashion victim in other media coverage around the world.
Immune to recession, never mind resolution, Isla Fisher flashes the plastic as a smitten Manhattan fashion victim. The box office didn't go ka-ching, it went kerr-runch.