Pretentious or haughty. Use of this phrase usually indicates the speaker's annoyance. Primarily heard in UK. I'm sorry, honey, but I'd rather go to a ball game then be dragged to another arty-farty lecture.
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"And anyway, Boris has already eaten all your popcorn, Lola has moved into your bed, and I'm making farty lentil curries all week.
One commenter complained it showed how the natural beauty of the countryside was being spoiled by "the 'arty farty' brigade".
"Actors - certainly British actors - are by disposition supremely suspicious of anything that sounds too arty farty" - actor Michael Simkins.
If you still think it's too arty farty, at least visit the tented gardens of St Andrew's Square or any of the twinkly-lit beer gardens, markets and stalls.
HOORAY New "images"(arty farty speak for rubbish drawings) of what the new Marischal Square development in Broad Street will look like, have been released .
I've always had an inclination towards 'arty farty' stuff, so it's also about years of exploring and discovering my own personal style.
I don't dare jiggle or my thigh-backs will make farty noises
The "farty" sound whenever the Android device has reached low battery status has been changed to a more pleasant audio to the ears.
"Tom and Kate are liberals, arty farty with good intentions, from the big city and they build a relationship with the farmer and his son, which forms the crux of the play.
And though they're probably equal parts pretentious and farty, they're also awesome, and will mop the floor with any other band who tries to do the mid-'80s-arty-pop-meets-mid-'90s-indie thing.
Or as hopelessly impractical arty farty spendthrifts who whinge at you to hand over vast sums for unspecified campaigns with ambiguous returns?
I lie for a living Johnny Depp makes controversial remarks about President Trump There's never been a better time to be imitating world famous political women, and I admire and thank them all: Angela Merkel, Nicola Sturgeon, and my home girl newbie Theresa May Tracey Ullman, who mimics the Prime Minister in a new TV show Actors - certainly British actors - are by disposition supremely suspicious of anything that sounds too arty farty
It will run between 5.30 and 8.30pm, ending with a get-together and networking event the Arty Farty Party at the Hand Drawn Monkey from 8.45pm.