Overtly interested in art and style, perhaps overly or pretentiously so. I like that café, but it's always packed with artsy-fartsy types talking about their obscure interests.

artsy (fartsy)

mod. obviously or overly artistic; effete. (Mildly offensive.) The decorations were sort of artsy fartsy, but the overall effect was quite nice.
See also: artsy, fartsy
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There is also art for kids on Saturdays with the workshop entitled Artsy Fartsy.
The Journal Exec must remain nameless, but for convenience and in deference to the great Paul Simon - or, if you are rather more fartsy than artsy, let's say in homage to Mr Shearer - we could call him Al.
Shortly after the robbery, Ward would begin to turn down the regular and decently lucrative jobs illustrating children's books he'd pursued and hated since the 1990s (his titles include Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms and Fartsy Claus).
In the early 1990s we also shared a love of men's chunky diver's watches, me because I was an artsy fartsy art student who thought it was entertainingly ironic and she because they were just so damn macho.
Sure, he could border on annoying when he got to harping on the way light looked and how different colors created mood and shadows played artsy fartsy, blah, blah, blah.
Seasoned marketing people will tell you that there is much more to developing an effective advertisement than making it look artsy fartsy.
A second session, entitled "Artsy Fartsy Customers--Dealing with and Charging for Fine Art Reproduction," will teach attendees to develop the local artist market, control the artist ego, handle the transaction, and charge for every service along the way.
While it may seem artsy fartsy, the girls insist they're not an ironic art installation, which is a shame because they'd probably win next year's Turner Prize for a recent Cast Off meeting, when 50 knitters piled on to a tube carriage and travelled around the Circle line.
Rosemary Court Artsy Fartsy Art & Craft and Gallery Walk.
Allowing that Joyce was something of a coprophiliac - enjoyed playing fartsy with his wife(20) - I think it safe to say that such a statement is not likely to win the sympathy of most feminists.
What ensues is a funny, appealing cartoon story with lots of opportunities for Aldo's artsy fartsy journaling and doodling.
Rita's boss, Herrmann, took a fatherly interest and was skeptical about some of the artsy fartsy ideas Rita was getting.
Tromadu, the stately pleasure palace, home to the artsy -- and to the fartsy.