far/farther/further afield

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far/farther/further afield

1. Larger in scope. This project has gone far afield after our initial experiment didn't yield the data we were looking for.
2. Away from some place or thing. If you want to travel further afield, though, it'll be a very long walk.
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far afield

Wide-ranging, at a distance, as in I started out identifying wild mushrooms, but since then I've gone far afield in other branches of botany . [c. 1400]
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far/farther/further aˈfield

far away from home; to or in places that are not near: You can hire a car if you want to explore further afield.Journalists came from as far afield as China and Brazil.
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References in classic literature ?
These things in Hertfordshire; and farther afield lay the house of a hermit--Mrs.
At times his mind wandered farther afield, and he plodded on, a mere automaton, strange conceits and whimsicalities gnawing at his brain like worms.
Membership in these companies brought together leading scholars of the day, some 47 to 51 (number uncertain) of them with power to coopt scholars from farther afield, representing varying religious and political convictions--although heavily weighted towards the King's favour.
Ultimately, Solakov directs our attention even farther afield.
I feel the reporting of the case was most unsympathetic considering the good work of Fr McCaffrey in the service of his parishioners in Hunts Cross and Halewood, and of the archdiocese farther afield.
The work upends the views of some archaeologists who had held that the Chaco Canyon residents first cut down all of the local trees and then ranged farther afield as construction on the great houses proceeded.
The Malibu area is always nice, and just a short drive through a canyon for many, but I wanted to venture farther afield.
Coming from farther afield, including the fields of social studies, literary criticism, and creative writing are the likes of LeRoi Jones (now Amiri Baraka), Houston Baker, Sterling Brown, James Baldwin, S.
THE iTouch mobile communications set-up that signalled likely European expansion just days ago, yesterday moved a bit farther afield by signing an exclusive joint partnership deal with the top mobile phone operator in Israel.
That means water pioneers are having to venture farther afield to find new sources, putting a centuries-old communal water system, called acequia, in danger.
This year Stuttgart is mourning a lost leader, but probably the loss should be calculated even farther afield.
God wishes to persuade man to abandon the paths of evil which lead him farther and farther afield.
As photographic methods were refined and materials improved, photographers ventured farther afield in their attempts to document the world.
Not surprisingly, her sardonic postfeminist penchant for Heroic Male Art has led her to cast her appropriative eye farther afield, in particular to the work of Yves Klein.
Thomas' is the largest NHS Trust in the UK and provides a wide range of the highest quality acute and specialist hospital services for over 600,000 patients every year -- those who live and work in London, as well as for patients from farther afield.