far cry, a

a far cry from (something)

1. Vastly different from something. Living in the heart of New York City is certainly a far cry from living in the rural countryside.
2. A long distance away from something. When it's snowing here, it feels especially like we're a far cry from Hawaii.
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far cry

1. A long way: stuck at the airport in Memphis, a far cry from Maine.
2. Something that is very different from something else: This food is a far cry from what we got in the cafeteria.
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far cry, a

A long way, literally or figuratively. This expression is believed to have its source in measuring one’s distance from an enemy in terms of shouting. Sir Walter Scott indicated (The Legend of Montrose, 1819) that it was a proverbial expression of the Campbell clan, which meant that their ancient hereditary domains lay beyond the reach of invaders. However, the term was already being used figuratively by then.
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