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screaming fantods

and (howling) fantods
n. extreme anxiety; nervous hysteria. (Old. One might call this vintage literary mock colloquial, since it survives in the works of well-known writers and occasional literary use. The origin is unknown, but the Oxford English Dictionary lists Fantad with the same meaning, and cautiously suggests that is related to fantasy and similar words containing fan.) The afternoon’s excitement has left Lady Waddington with a case of the screaming fantods. The reviewer felt that any slang dictionary that excluded “fantods” was defective.
See also: fantod, scream

howling fantods

See also: fantod, howling


See also: fantod
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Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of our country, and it won't help if you all cower in places like Madison and the Upper West Side, having hot fantods over the approach of fascism.
For more insight into The Fantods of Risk we spoke with author H.