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screaming fantods

and (howling) fantods
n. extreme anxiety; nervous hysteria. (Old. One might call this vintage literary mock colloquial, since it survives in the works of well-known writers and occasional literary use. The origin is unknown, but the Oxford English Dictionary lists Fantad with the same meaning, and cautiously suggests that is related to fantasy and similar words containing fan.) The afternoon’s excitement has left Lady Waddington with a case of the screaming fantods. The reviewer felt that any slang dictionary that excluded “fantods” was defective.
See also: fantod, scream

howling fantods

See also: fantod, howling


See also: fantod
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Yn ystod y rhaglen bydd Sarah yn edrych ar sefyllfa'r ani fail yn y gwyllt ac yn ymweld ag amddifaty sy'n gofalu am elif fantod bach sydd wedi colli eu mamau.
If getting up in front of a group gives you the screaming fantods, Matthews recommends looking up the local chapter of the Toastmasters Club, which helps people practice talking in front of small, supportive groups.
the squeak, eating cheese, interlace, eliminating one's own map, howling fantods, or in The Pale King, shoe squeezing, wiggling, titty pinching--that starts out as a way of modeling community within the novel becomes a tactic for organizing community outside of the novel.
But this latest doo-lolly they have," he says, "gives me the heat-seeking fantods.
It was random enough to give statisticians the screaming fantods.
In Fantods, we take a look back at some of the most significant of these articles and essays (as well as some appearing in other publications), many of which strive to define risk and others that aim to broaden these definitions.