envision as else

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envision someone as someone else

 and envision something as something else
to imagine or fantasize someone as someone else; to imagine or fantasize something as something else. I envision her as the next company president. We envisioned this as larger than it turned out to be.
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But, unless she makes an effort to reach out to him through friends with empathetic fillers, allow her mind to whirl free and fantasize a life of what-could-have-been with him, had fate not intervened.
Men, however, fantasize more frequently about exploratory sexual activities as group sex and seek new sensations as "being promiscuous", "being a swinger", "participating in an orgy".
Fantasize, a three-year-old daughter of Groom Dancer, had subsequent high-class filly Tante Rose behind her when she won her maiden as a juvenile and she proved that she had come on further when winning the Swinley Stakes over a mile at Ascot on her seasonal debut.
Confirming the presence of Fantasize, to be ridden by Johnny Murtagh, Cheveley Park Stud managing director Chris Richardson said: "Fantasize is going to run.
With the Derby and Oaks trials out of the way, the Sussex track stages less noteworthy fare, but if there is a star ready to emerge from the card, then Fantasize certainly fits the bill.
Tempera then passes, however, to the bizarre conclusion that the monologue "throws into view the darkest side of Marcus' character: an ability to fantasize over a mutilated female body" (160).
Well, what I most fantasize about is the sex being over, and being able to do something else - like read or watch tv or get something to eat or go to sleep or talk; often I fantasize talking with the person about sex (as sometimes, when I'm talking with the person, I fantasize about having sex) - and I often fantasize, for some reason, about telling my shrink about sex and how boring and unsatisfying it is.
They fantasize about being contingency workers and getting to select assignments and hours.
If a person did not fantasize, he or she would not have the mental capacity to communicate it to you.
The sensational blockbuster performance of action-adventure films like X-Men this past summer testifies to the colossal market that exists for heroes that children audiences can fantasize about and role-play with," said Malatesta.
Since we get more passionate in bed when we fantasize about other people, we agreed to be open about it and assured ourselves that no illicit affair would come out of them.
To assume this is usually the case is to fantasize a corrections utopia, particularly when dealing with criminals driven by sexual urges and incapable of feeling empathy for victims.
Doesn't any archaeologist fantasize that the mute shards under her lens might come alive?
10) doesn't look particularly strong for a Listed event but even so Fantasize looks worth avoiding at likely short odds.
But when I am with a woman I fantasize about having sex with a man, and when I am with a man I fantasize about women; this is my body's way of creating balance.