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fantasy football

An online activity in which people "draft" American football players, typically from the NFL, to form their own fictional teams. They then earn points for the actions their players take in games in real life. How many points does your fantasy football team get if one of your players scores a touchdown? Our fantasy football draft is tonight at 7:00—don't forget!
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fantasy life

A manner of living that ignores or is separate from reality, as through imagination, delusion, or vicarious means. She's a timid girl until she takes the stage at the local bar. That's when she lives her fantasy life as a wildly attired Lady Gaga cover singer. You need to get out of this fantasy life, John. Martha divorced you—she's not coming back. Video games create a fantasy life unlike anything you can find in the real world.
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flight of fantasy

An imaginative but unrealistic idea. No one took his campaign for office seriously because his proposed solutions to problems were filled with flights of fantasy.
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live a/(one's) fantasy life

To spend one's time living in a manner that ignores or is separate from reality, as through imagination, delusion, or vicarious means. She's a timid girl until she takes the stage at the local bar. That's when she lives her fantasy life as a wildly attired Lady Gaga cover singer. I'm afraid you're living a fantasy life if you think your wife is going to change her mind about the divorce papers. You did cheat on her, man. Video games let you live out a fantasy life that would never be possible in the real world.
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a flight of fancy


a flight of fantasy

COMMON If you call an idea, statement, or plan a flight of fancy or a flight of fantasy, you mean that it is imaginative but not at all practical. This is no flight of fancy. The prototype is already flying, and production is to begin next year. The idea that you could use these satellites as weapons is a complete flight of fantasy.
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a ˌflight of ˈfancy

an idea or a statement that is very imaginative but not practical or sensible: The idea is not just a flight of fancy. It has been done before.
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Dawson and her colleagues focused on fantasies because such sexual daydreams aren't dependent on the availability of sex partners or other outside forces.
Fantasies often get their power from their extreme content.
Beheadings or threats of beheadings have been in the news almost constantly, thanks to murderers acting in the name of Islamist political fantasies. Headless bodies are found floating in the Tigris; bodiless heads are discovered in Saudi refrigerators.
(1) The elements of a high fantasy scenario discussed here are derived from original research towards my PhD thesis, which has the working title Exploring wihtout Explaining: Genre Development in Three Twentieth-Century High Fantasies (work in progress).
When Hollywood makes a movie about the sexual fantasies of teenage boys, you can count on at least one of two kinds of temptresses rearing her horny head.
Renaissance Fantasies is a study of a select number of early modern texts that align fantasy with femininity or effeminacy.
creation of erotic fantasies, as does the sexual identity/gender
His fantasies, derived from the immortal Cervantes novel, lead us away from severe reality to the squares and taverns of Spain, hot with passion.
The way that Lynn Hunt's work differs from a work of social history is in her articulation of fantasies and belief in systems in the absence of analysis linking them closely to material conditions or to social trends.
The fantasies of the former "resist any orthodox reading" and depend on the receptivity of readers for their meanings (88), while those of the latter generally emphasize moral clarity, resolving the uncertainties of myth with Christian principle.
Fantasies are great ways to heighten sexual tension and can follow all kinds of subject matter.
THERE'S no reason to have a guilty conscience about your fantasies or doubt your sexuality.
In other words, his protagonists seek to compensate for their socially conditioned feelings of impotence through fantasies of omnipotence, which are fed and formed by the "logic" of American racism, as well as the nationalistic and fascistic ideologies that flourished internationally in the 1930s.
But the point-scoring of Surrealism can be limiting, and Pelevin is at his weakest when he rubs his fantasies for didactic silhouettes, rather than letting shadows of implication gather at the margins.
This includes fantasies of maternal malevolence and the corrupting effect of the maternal body.