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all knowledge is contained in fandom

proverb The notion that members of a given fandom tend to bring up or discuss all sorts of irrelevant topics. Originally the phrase was "all knowledge is contained in fanzines," a term for magazines made by or for fans of something. Usually used as the acronym "AKICIF." This is supposed to be a forum for fans of "The Expanse," but everyone has somehow gotten sidetracked into a conversation about religious ideologies. All knowledge is contained in fandom, I guess. Whenever one of these forum threads starts spiraling off in all directions, I just remind myself that all knowledge is contained in fandom.

fandom trash

slang Someone who is fully aware of their extreme interest or excessive investment in fandoms. Despite the negative connotations of "trash," this term is typically a proud or self-deprecating identifier, in the manner of a reclaimed term. In case you forgot that I'm fandom trash, here, have some of my "Supernatural" slashfiction!
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