fancy your chances

fancy (one's) chances

To think that one is likely to succeed. I fancy my chances in the competition because I know I can run faster than the other girls.
See also: chance, fancy

fancy your (or someone's) chances

believe that you (or someone else) are likely to be successful.
See also: chance, fancy
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Fancy your chances? Applicants must be 18 or over and have tofill out a form to apply.
WALK this way - if you fancy your chances of being the next Miss Northern Ireland.
Fancy your chances? Get your guesses in for next weekend's card (cup-ties and SPL included) to the usual address.
They both look pretty scary but you might fancy your chances against either of them in a dark alley if they are going to react to a nudge like that.
DOES your dog have the waggiest tail, or do you fancy your chances at the coconut shy?
If you fancy your chances get your guesses in for next weekend's card to the usual address.
FANCY YOUR CHANCES? The alluring Miss Stone' BASIC INSTINCTS: Stan Collymore
Fancy your chances? Pick two from next weekend's SPL card you think will make the nets bulge to bursting point.
If you fancy your chances give Scott McNicol a ring on 01556 502011.
If you fancy your chances of beating the bookies next week, just answer the following question and send your entry to the address below along with your name, address and daytime phone number.
But the number of places is limited, and entry is by pre-booking only, so if you fancy your chances, contact David Neil now on 01292 281945.
IF you fancy your chances of grabbing a slice of a pounds 30,000 prize pool, get your name down for the John Smith Angling Championship.