fancy your/somebody's chances

fancy (one's) chances

To think that one is likely to succeed. I fancy my chances in the competition because I know I can run faster than the other girls.
See also: chance, fancy
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fancy someone's chances

to have confidence in someone's [including one's own] ability to be successful. We all think she will refuse to go out with him, but he certainly fancies his own chances. The other contestants are so talented that I don't fancy his chances at all.
See also: chance, fancy
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fancy your/somebody’s ˈchances

(informal) think, often wrongly, that you will be successful; be confident about what you/somebody can do: He fancies his chances as a racing driver, even though he has hardly ever driven a racing car.‘Do you think he’ll win?’ ‘No, I don’t fancy his chances at all.’
See also: chance, fancy
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