fancy (one's) chances

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fancy (one's) chances

To think that one is likely to succeed. I fancy my chances in the competition because I know I can run faster than the other girls.
See also: chance, fancy

fancy someone's chances

to have confidence in someone's [including one's own] ability to be successful. We all think she will refuse to go out with him, but he certainly fancies his own chances. The other contestants are so talented that I don't fancy his chances at all.
See also: chance, fancy

fancy your (or someone's) chances

believe that you (or someone else) are likely to be successful.
See also: chance, fancy

fancy your/somebody’s ˈchances

(informal) think, often wrongly, that you will be successful; be confident about what you/somebody can do: He fancies his chances as a racing driver, even though he has hardly ever driven a racing car.‘Do you think he’ll win?’ ‘No, I don’t fancy his chances at all.’
See also: chance, fancy
References in periodicals archive ?
A LOT of people might think we've missed our chance against West Ham but I fancy our chances of going down there in the replay and beating them.
If we play like we have done in most of our cup ties then we have to fancy our chances in the replay.
Last night Wilkin said: "I'm delighted that we've got a home tie, which is the most important thing for me, and we'll fancy our chances at the Racecourse against either Stevenage or Maidstone.
Fancy our chances in the FA Cup as the year ends in one
If we fancy our chances in the World Hurdle - and I've no doubt he's up to that class - we want to be near enough winning this, getting 8lb from Punchestowns.
Keane (left) said: "We've got a chance here at the Lane in the replay, and at home we fancy our chances against anyone.
He said: "I commented before the Chesterfield game that we fancy our chances against anyone at Victoria Park, but I want us to fancy our chances against anyone away from home as well.
Most home teams fancy their chances and I fancy our chances against any team that wants to come here and have a go.
With Manchester United and Sunderland losing, that makes things easier but I fancy our chances against anybody with this side,'' he said.
It's a 38-game season, and if we can hang on in there until the back end, we fancy our chances.
The 22-year-old full-back said: "It's always going to be a difficult game against Hearts but we fancy our chances.
We are 1-1 at the end of the first day and we are unbeaten in the doubles, so we fancy our chances.
Villa, Liverpool, Arsenal, Newcastle and Chelsea - we will all fancy our chances of taking the title away from Old Trafford once the curtain goes up on the new season this afternoon.