fancy as

fancy someone as someone or something

to imagine that someone were someone else or some particular type of person. Can you fancy her as a zookeeper? I can fancy him as a tall, dark stranger. I really don't fancy myself as a farmer.
See also: fancy
References in classic literature ?
It is true, I had not yet seen her, but my mesmeritic impulses induced me to fancy as much.
The distinguishing mark of the hens was a crest of lamentably scanty growth, in these latter days, but so oddly and wickedly analogous to Hepzibah's turban, that Phoebe--to the poignant distress of her conscience, but inevitably --was led to fancy a general resemblance betwixt these forlorn bipeds and her respectable relative.
fancy a man trying to make love on strictly truthful principles, determining never to utter a word of mere compliment or hyperbole, but to scrupulously confine himself to exact fact
illustrates a tiara-clad Nancy dressing her dolly as fancy as you-know-who.
The 4-year-old colt Fancy As is unknown to Santa Anita fans but goes into Saturday's San Fernando Stakes with two points in his favor.
Fancy As, a son of Dignitas, has been running at tracks such as Northlands Park, Stampede Park, Assinobia Downs and Hastings Park, and has earned more than $500,000 for owners Linda Smith and Ron Red Farms.