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The fanciness of the decoration suggests that the s t was worn by an important and wealthy man, Emperor Maximilian II.
Icing gives most cakes their fanciness, but baking containers are what turn this fine-textured pound cake into a castle.
Each Fancy Nancy title finds Nancy embarking on a new adventure where she always discovers that real fanciness does not depend simply on appearance, but more on a genuine joie de vivre, which is a fancy phrase for having lots of fun
Be Dog Smart Don't approach a dog with no owner around DOnly stroke a dog when the owner says you can OGet the dog to sniff your hand first, then stroke gently GFeSTiVal FaNciNeSS Posh camping Remember the days when some battered wellies, a leaky tent and a few worn-out sweatshirts stuffed into your NorthFace rucksack passed for adequate festival packing?
Those who haven't eaten at Opus should know that it doesn't seek Michelin star fanciness.
The message here is welcome -- fanciness (unlike physical beauty) is available to anyone with a can-do spirit -- and the writing is adorable.
All original compositions apart from the opener - an ear-opening version of My Way - there is loads of four-four swing, bags of powerful improvising, and very little fanciness in arrangements.