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'Talking about the literary life--the yellow aspens.'" Walking in this country you could understand the perfect gems of haikus the Oriental poets had written, never getting drunk in the mountains or anything but just going along as fresh as children writing down what they saw without literary devices or fanciness of expression.
It is almost "Claire" in its one-syllable fanciness.
I'll take proper fitting and shape over fanciness anytime.
The site helps find the perfect venue with a strong focus on photographs and a variety of search filters.These filters include capacity numbers, type of venue, type of event, fanciness, budget and many more.
All her outfits are a festival in itself, it is so festive; the grandeur and the stones and the fanciness that she adds makes you feel like a dream when you walk on the ramp," said Amrita Rao.
She sees National Socialism, quite without any fanciness of political or philosophical vocabulary, as a manifestation of pernicious ideas not accidentally associated with but intrinsic to the Enlightenment.
Sometimes the one thing lacking in Dubai's produce (despite its layers of fanciness on the outside) is the honesty and richness of flavour - but that's just the nature of living somewhere that has to import ingredients via many routes.
Often, however, the dialogue slips into a fanciness that is slightly ludicrous.
Fight scenes are consistently well-drawn and balanced (by editors Mike Hill and Dan Hanley) between close-ups, long shots and reaction shots around the ring, with a deliberate lack of filmic fanciness. The structural mastery of the Baer fight is a marvelously tense movie within a movie that raises the bar for the fight genre.
Perhaps it has something to do with a weird sense we have of ourselves: there is something laughable about singing our songs in a certain way, as if the songs--or perhaps we ourselves--are not worthy of such fanciness.
"Lacking the technical knowledge to know whether this space was suitable for a day care, he fell back on the commonsense notion of fanciness to make his judgement.
Much fanciness is loaded onto this frail structure--time travel, snake talk, enormous arachnids, the healing tears of a weeping phoenix--but something primary is missing: the simplicity of the great children's story, perhaps, where there is always that main line to the ancient essences of fear and wonder.
Press packets come in varying degrees of fanciness, but a nice folder with a brief history of your winery, what makes it special--essentially your story--a list of releases and some photographs is acceptable.