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If Hobbes theorized "fancies" as interiorized shadows of real objects, aerial photographs would similarly require a space of mobile, enclosed darkness to limn images onto paper.
Fudge Fancies is one of eight businesses from the North-east heading to the event as part of a UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) contingent.
Rihanna fancies Cheryl Cole: "Had an interview for Esquire UK last night!
Cooldine and Bensalem are two to have on your side in the Strong fancies category, while Ballydub and Sunnyhillboy are two who tickle my fancy from the Good chances.
Noakes said: "When she came to the studio, she had beautiful eyes and nice long hair over her shoulders, and Val said: 'I think she fancies you.'
A little of what you fancy does you good [ETH] so weOve been testing fondant fancies to see whose are tastiest...
And he admitted he fancies fellow judge Cheryl Cole, but joked: "Who doesn't?"