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Alun is very popular among valley pigeon fanciers and Federation members will do all they can to support him.
Father and son, in addition to other pigeon fanciers who fear for the future of the sport, have called for the RSPB to stop putting nesting boxes in urban areas.
Today there are still hundreds of fanciers in Birmingham keeping thousands of birds between them.
Are weather fanciers a genetic human subset, I wonder?
Pigeon fanciers across Europe are flocking to buy the extract, which kills bacteria in their birds and enhances their performance.
04am, pigeon number 6,783, owned by Hsieh San-lang, a veteran fancier of 43 years, circled two laps before making a nose-diving descent into the loft, where a scanner recorded his victory and computed his speed at a swift 1.
A CANARY fancier was today facing a jail sentence after being found guilty of punching a man who was due to judge his birds.
Some growth will come from further acquisitions, but he says most of it will be driven by new products, including fancier seats and interior trim items.
Next to his bed was a stack of magazines--Parakeet Fancier, Low Rider, and other oddball stuff.
They were anxiously awaiting a test case in Manchester where a fancier was appealing against the rate charge.
His son Barry is also a fancier and one of his birds came back injured with part of a hawk's talon in its foot.
A PIGEON fancier has told of his devastation after firebugs killed 44 of his prize birds.
A ROGUE pigeon fancier has gone on a rampage against protected birds of prey in the Mournes.
Retired pigeon fancier George Hough, from Great Barr, said he was disgusted at the increase in bird thefts.