fan of

*fan of someone

to be a follower of someone; to idolize someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) My mother is still a fan of the Beatles. I'm a great fan of the mayor of the town.
See also: fan, of
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The teams have undergone personality transmutation - a Dodgers ball fan of old has to embrace the Angels, while their team has become the Angels of the '80s.
At each game, one fan who votes for his or her favorite hawker at the 'Higher Authority Hawker' Voting Station will be chosen at random by the Hebrew National brand ambassador at the station as the Hebrew National 'Higher Authority Fan of the Game.
In addition to the 'Higher Authority Fan of the Game,' each game, one lucky, Hebrew National-frank-eating fan will be selected to "Upgrade his or her Experience" with a prize package of an authentic jersey, hat and autographed baseball.
Lopez is a huge fan of Mexico and he said there will be standing-room only crowds in his restaurant when Mexico plays.
NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series fans continue to profess their fond allegiance to the sport they love in an attempt to be named Nextel's Fan of the Week - a coveted title that celebrates a fan whose actions go above and beyond those of the average NASCAR fan.
Nextel is proud to celebrate the sport's loyal fans with the Nextel Fan of the Week program," said Michael Robichaud, Nextel senior director of sports and entertainment marketing.
As a longtime fan of the sport, I look forward to creating and developing unique artwork for NASCAR RacePoints that offer compelling rewards for the passionate NASCAR fan.
The perspective and convenience offered by ChoiceSeat brings new benefits to even the most seasoned fan of the grand old game.