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As a result, Judith Lichtman, president of the National Partnership for Women and Families, says advocates for social change have but a fraction of the resources available to their opponents.
SEIU locals work to unite working families to improve our communities.
The more word spread, the more families realized that they needed help, outstripping one officer's ability to serve.
Linking maternal efficacy beliefs, development goals, parenting practices, and child competence in rural single-parent African American families. Child Development, 70(5), 1197-1208.
Further, in 2000 and 2001, DSHS requested funds through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (the post--welfare reform successor to Aid to Families with Dependent Children) to support efforts by PATH and the state pharmacists association to expand the pharmacy access approach, targeting rural areas that had high rates of unintended pregnancy.
That's important because we have so much more to accomplish for our fellow disabled veterans and our families. We will need all our strength and resolve as we meet the challenges ahead.
Because NPs are skilled at bonding with residents and their families, they function as a critical hub in care planning.
The Belin-Blank Center Model was developed specifically for use with gifted students and their families, and the other two approaches were adapted by Moon and Thomas (2003) for work with gifted students and their families.
But our Catholic tradition has more to offer than a one-size-fits-all approach to what a family is, and the many kinds of families that make up God's household deserve their rightful place in our assembly.
Therefore, federal and provincial programs should be focused on low-income and single parent families, urban ghettos and troubled neighborhoods, and other high risk groups.
Both cohesion and adaptability contribute to a family's overall functioning, and they are the two primary qualities of high functioning families listed by Olson and DeFrain (2000).
Because family stability is key to the eternal relationships, the church places a special emphasis on promoting it and offers an extensive network of resources for families, such as marriage counseling.
This paper looks at a recent chapter in the story of the African-American family, the devastation of crack cocaine on already distressed inner-city families. As an analytic vehicle, this paper presents the experiences of two households that were identified and followed in the course of an extended ethnographic study of drug use and violence in the inner-city.
Instead, there are single-parent families, divorced families, weekend children, blended families, and unmarried families.
IN RECENT YEARS, COLLEGE and university financial aid administrators and admissions personnel have witnessed the growth of an alarming trend--financial aid "consultants" who charge families for services offered for free by on-campus aid administrators.
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