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familiarize (someone or oneself) with (something)

To become, or cause someone else to become, more knowledgeable about something. I tried familiarizing myself with the text, but I'm still totally confused. You need to familiarize the drummer with this song before our gig.
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familiarize someone with something

to help someone get to know or understand someone or something. I hope you will take the time to familiarize yourself with the instructions before you set out to operate this device. Let me take a moment to familiarize myself with the facts of the case.
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At the same time, participants were familiarized with the biography of President Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev.
The guest also familiarized himself with the centers of the mosque, such as the Islamic Sciences Institute, the library, lecture halls and various utilities.
He familiarized himself with the Architectural style of the Mosque, which is derived from the Omani and Islamic architectural design.
He toured various utilities of the mosque and familiarized himself with Omani and Islamic unique designs.
During the visit, Zulkifli was briefed on the history of the mosque's building and familiarized himself on the models of the Omani and Islamic architecture and its unique architectural style.
During the visit, the President of the Comoros familiarized himself with the utilities of the school, such as the learning resources centre and labs.
He also familiarized himself with the major role being carried out by the mosque in conveying the tolerant image of Islam.
The guest also familiarized himself with centres of the mosque and the roles carried out by these centres, such as the Institute of Islamic Sciences, the library, the lecture hall and other facilities, in addition to the role of the mosque in conveying the tolerant message of Islam.
al-Huraibi familiarized the officials of the Dutch companies with the tender law and regulations.
The guest familiarized himself with the designs of the mosque that combine various Omani and Islamic architecture designs.
The participant institutions and establishments are keen to utilize this opportunity to exchange expertise with the counterpart agencies, as well as meeting with businessmen to get familiarized with the best practices in investment promotion, besides discussing the challenges facing the business sector.