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familiarize (someone or oneself) with (something)

To become, or cause someone else to become, more knowledgeable about something. I tried familiarizing myself with the text, but I'm still totally confused. You need to familiarize the drummer with this song before our gig.
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familiarize someone with something

to help someone get to know or understand someone or something. I hope you will take the time to familiarize yourself with the instructions before you set out to operate this device. Let me take a moment to familiarize myself with the facts of the case.
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The city's election council conducted voting clinics to familiarize citizens with the new method from April 9 through last Friday.
Since the role of the hitting coach is to assist each hitter in developing the hitting style best suited for him, it will behoove every coach to familiarize himself with the basics of the three current hitting styles.
To further familiarize council members with the department's financial outlays, examples are provided that illustrate the estimated hourly cost to field one patrol officer, as well as the expenses accrued to process a typical arrest for driving under the influence.
The Committee stressed the need to familiarize with the developments of HM the King's reforms, the political action mechanism in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the constitutional institutions and their future developments, in addition to setting a timetable for conducting visits to the GCC Parliaments and the topics to be discussed with other parties and organizing scheduled reciprocal visits with the Gulf friendship committees.
The camp was organized with an objective to familiarize the youth with nature surroundings, cultures, historical backgrounds, heritage sites, natural resources and every positive aspect they need in their future life through this journey of adventure activities.
"It allowed me to familiarize myself with and train with Military Ocean Terminal pier operators and staff, as well as other agencies for an end result toward becoming a world class port operator and traffic manager."
The goal was to better familiarize client groups about firms in the metropolitan area.
The idea is to familiarize members with the committees' key topics and the work they do to bring important corporate issues and opinion to rulemaking bodies, legislators and others, in Washington and elsewhere.
CPAs should familiarize themselves with this ruling to educate eligible clients.
Issues that CPAs or attorneys may need to familiarize themselves with when working with an aging clientele include financial issues, such as Medi-Cal planning, estate planning, long-term care and retirement plan distribution strategy; legal issues, such as fiduciary responsibilities and elder abuse; and medical and psychosocial issues.
Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP II), offering a Master's in International Affairs via the Fletcher School at Tufts University The article covers the basics; for more information visit our website and contact your organization's respective training point of contact at one of the military departments or DISAM Note the application deadline of] July 2003.
A very varied programme, featuring speakers on religious, moral, medical, legal, and bioethical questions--all related to the over-all theme of the state of the health of mothers around the world--will give medical specialists the opportunity to put their problems before cardinals, and cardinals to familiarize themselves with the issues of laymen in the field.
Children use real-life information gathering tools, such as the Yellow and White Pages, to familiarize themselves with the community's geography, businesses and residents and to solve the mysteries.
The courses familiarize the participant with the types of injection molds, machining methods used, and many of the mold components available.
The most important thing that doctors can do, the AMA says, is familiarize themselves with symptoms of bioterrorism agents, such as anthrax, "and be vigilant in reporting possible cases."