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familiarize someone with something

to help someone get to know or understand someone or something. I hope you will take the time to familiarize yourself with the instructions before you set out to operate this device. Let me take a moment to familiarize myself with the facts of the case.
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The program strives to familiarize students with job-related responsibilities through technology, mentoring and skills, such as time management, teamwork and motivation.
Brasell said this postponement was to give practitioners more time to familiarize themselves with the new standard.
Initially the consortium will conduct an in-depth study on a non-proprietary blend system to familiarize members with the science and technology, measurement techniques and analysis procedures at NIST.
Petersburg/Clearwater Airport will be joining Sun Country in a cooperative advertising effort to familiarize the traveling public with the airport as a convenient alternative to access attractions in and around the St.
Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford, Councilwoman Shelley Sorsabal and Councilmen-elect Kevin Carney, Mike Dispenza and Rod Penner took part in a mock council meeting, intended to familiarize the newcomers with meeting procedures.
Gilmour said auditors should use the guidance to familiarize themselves with the alternative standards.
Training organizations use the databases to familiarize pilots with hazards before they fly over an area for the first time.
The delay in the proposal's recognition provisions should allow employers to become accustomed to option-pricing models and financial statement users to familiarize themselves with the new information.
I strongly encourage customers--and potential customers--to familiarize themselves with the new brand and Web site and to learn how Seapine can help with their companies' bottom lines.
Muscat, Nov 4 (ONA) The Royal Opera House (ROH) Muscat will organize a free, open activity this "Wednesday" to familiarize the pubic with the ROH theatre.
Students should also familiarize themselves with the test by taking practice tests.
Our new firm is taking additional time to completely familiarize themselves with the historical facts and activities of the company, and clarifying previous filings.
To familiarize himself with the jury selection site, Campbell plans to visit the auditorium today with prosecutors and defense attorneys.
It also provides an important tool that patients can use to familiarize themselves with less-invasive procedures they may be considering.
The workshop aims to familiarize employees with the State's Financial and Administrative Audit Law and the Public Fund Protection and Avoiding Conflict of Interests Law.