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falter in (something)

To waver or fail in regard to something. Hey, I was always faithful to Ron—I never faltered in my wedding vows!
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falter in something

to fail in doing something; to exhibit a lack of something, such as faith, loyalty, perseverance, etc. He did not falter in his effort to see the project through to the end. I promised not to falter in my loyalty.
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"He would often try to incorporate local people into the paintings to make them feel like they were a part of it," said Dobie Falter Haws, Falters cousin and curator of the Falter Museum in Falls City, Nebraska.
Even as the broader economy falters amid signs of a weakening recovery, the nation's agriculture sector is going strong, bolstered in part by a surge in exports, according to federal estimates of farm trade and income released on Tuesday.
It said the outlook for the manufacturing sector remained particularly bleak, while the service sector had also started to falter.
This stands to reason: if the devotion to the holiest of mothers falters, motherhood itself falters, motherhood itself is on the line.
Only two of IUE's devices still operate; a highly accurate sun sensor on the craft takes the place of the third gyroscope normally needed to control motion, Hoffman says, and a star tracker could likely substitute if another IUE gyro falters.
"If that river of money falters or dries up, the difference must be made up by an inexorable fall in the value of the U.S.
In "Emerald," a make-believe place becomes real again, the "blue bucket to eat from" and "a sturdy chair that lives in rain / and snow and never falters." I love every poem in this collection, even the more obscure ones that deserve several readings.
Activity is projected to remain subdued well into the first half of next year, with external demand expected to continue to slump, while household consumption could slow sharply as confidence falters.
However, the study does not draw the conclusion that market falters solely because of the hurricanes.
But the result is well worth the wait: The selection and sequencing rarely falters, liner notes are both personable and informative, and the packaging is generous with bouffant-intensive, eyelineriffic photos that are marvelously melodramatic and capture the icon's glamour and grandeur at her peak of excessive elegance.
He also loves character, but where he falters is in abbreviating action and making metaphor (in this case, the garden) vital.
With styles, attitudes, and levels of ambition as divergent as these, conventional connoisseurship falters. Discussing another multiple-stylist, Martin Kippenberger, Burkhard Riemschneider wrote: "All paintings serving truth are bad." By that logic the "worst"--that is to say, the best--thing about Huerta's show is the courage with which it tackles repressed or suppressed subject matter.
Under the influence of endotoxins, pulse and respiratory rates increase, the coagulation system falters and kidneys begin to fail.