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falter in (something)

To waver or fail in regard to something. Hey, I was always faithful to Ron—I never faltered in my wedding vows!
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falter in something

to fail in doing something; to exhibit a lack of something, such as faith, loyalty, perseverance, etc. He did not falter in his effort to see the project through to the end. I promised not to falter in my loyalty.
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(13) Provisional practices and laws in the Bible, even when falteringly applied, improved immensely on other regional codes of the era.
I spoke falteringly of how I had come across the bird.
Residential markets in the Baltic States seem to be recovering, albeit falteringly and with a new realisation that house prices really can go down as well as up, which should bring a new realism.
But increasingly, if sometimes falteringly, governments, knowing that genies can never be squeezed back into the bottles from which they sprang, are bringing the Web's most lucrative businesses within their own legal frameworks.
Falteringly, Ros said the memories that they had as a family would always remain in their hearts: "I have questions going round in my head.
"Dear Suzie," she began falteringly, "we're all together now, aren't we?" And she held out doubtful arms as if to receive the prodigal.
(He shared with Robert Bresson not only an intense privateness and Catholic, conservative bent but also a formal propensity for the 50-mm focal length, "which [most] closely resembles human vision," according to Rohmer's longtime cine-matographer, Nestor Almendros.) This lucid and unobtrusive realism employed natural light and the long takes idealized by Bazin, rarely ruptured by shot-countershot or analytic cutting, depending instead on slow, discreet zooms that pinion Rohmer's characters within the frame, where they are prodded to disclose their inner beings, which they falteringly, sometimes fatuously do, often unable to discern their true selves in the verbiage they expend on the task.
Colne Valley Male Voice Choir began falteringly in 1922 and nearly fell several times before spectacularly beating its main rivals, the now defunct Holme Valley Choir, in the 1930s.
Doing so helped me to strive, however falteringly, to see the sacred in everyone.
It is a major step in a direction the industry has taken before, but falteringly, with limited enthusiasm.
I do not think it will do any good, but I do know that human progress is sometimes made by falteringly trying different tacks, and it will be interesting if something useful emerges from the Scottish experience.
This was to be Henry's chief contribution to the glory of English literature, though it began falteringly enough when the publisher Crosby failed to produce the novel for which he had paid, through Henry, the pitiful (even for those days) stun of 10 [pounds sterling].
I was living less by the rules of the past, it meant, feeling my way more patiently, but falteringly, around the dark room of the present.