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As for taking it all off, my usual make-up remover did the trick and, best of all, there's none of the glue residue you get with falsies.
Even some corsets from the 19th century have these kind of falsies built into them, so the idea of augmenting your natural breast size in some way is very old and probably impossible to trace all the way back,'' she said.
This summer, the company unveiled Falsies Big Eyes by Volum'Express.
If you know you'll never be a make-up artist and can't even put on false lashes, a new mascara claims to imitate falsies without the effort.
After being held for more than an hour while TSA officials tried to figure out what to do with him, Barry narrowly managed to catch his flight to Tampa, falsies in tow.
Cheat and stick on falsies for some GB finesse - ideal if you haven't got medalwinning natural nails.
But there's a big difference between stealing your missus's Touche Eclat for a crafty conceal and fluttering a full set of falsies.
But if your lashes look sparse then reach for a pair of falsies.
Make like Katie Price, who regularly works dramatic eyes using three falsies worn layered over each other.
Inspired perhaps by mentor Cheryl Cole's fluttering dark eyes, Katie, Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson have taken their lashes to new lengths on the ITV show, prompting a beauty trend for wearing double falsies to achieve a super-dramatic effect.
Bob gave me boobs," she said of the falsies in part two.
If you often wear falsies, and you like the natural look with a touch of glam, then pick up a pair of Urban Decay Lashes, pounds 11, from Debenhams.
Because, after toying with the idea for what feels like forever, I have finally joined the Scouserati and got myself some falsies .
But the Tuskers are amateurs at swinging sticks--at east those of the 79-inch-long variety--and have to worry about their falsies falling out (an instance for which play is halted) and their hair getting messy (for which it's not).
After trying on falsies all day, I thought back to the '60s when Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon starred in ``How to Stuff a Wild Bikini.