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To a question about Sharif family children contacts with Arab monarch he said Imran Khan is the falsest PM in the 71 years history of Pakistan.
Sadly, one small step backwards counted for little in a week when a raft of other measures betrayed Mr Cameron's continued obsession with that falsest of gods, "progress".
New Zealand won the first game of this six-match series - the third ODI was washed out - but that has proved to be the falsest of false dawns.
As the narrator notes, Amit "secretly enjoyed the look of incredulity and feeling of outrage he caused" in society by such maneuvers (2)--much the same effect, presumably, that Donne intended to have when putting forward the paradoxes "That Women Ought to Paint Themselves," "That the Gifts of the Body Are Better Than Those of the Mind or of Fortune," and "That It Is Possible to Find Some Vertue in Some Women," or when posing problems like "Why Hath the Common Opinion Afforded Woemen Soules [sic]?" and "Why Are the Fairest Falsest?".
One hadith states "Beware of zann (here "speculation about others"), for indeed zann is the falsest of speech." (31)
Scott Fitzgerald, whose dictum we should recall when reading any of these books: biography is the falsest of the arts.
Wolves were back in the top flight - sadly it was to prove the falsest of dawns.
We are, in fact, fundamentally inclined to maintain that the falsest judgments ...
But is this not the falsest obviousness, in at least two respects?
But their start proved the falsest of dawns, with the Black Country outfit then outgated and outgunned.
Supplier in French refers not to a person who supplies, but means 'to entreat,' and supporter isn't a fan of a sports team but means 'to bear or endure.' Falsest of all is blesser 'to injure or wound.' Nor is the pandemic spread of global English all good news for the English speaker.
canto 1, as the "falsest man alive," despite his assumed role
That was a kind of retrenchment which was the falsest economy.
For it is the Swiss non-smokers who, by thinking themselves a minority, are under the falsest of impressions.