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This, as the cost of the unprecedented number of natural catastrophes in 2011 showed all too clearly, can be one of the falsest economies of all.
Newton, a member of Morpeth's North of England 12-stage relay bronze medallists, proceeded to pull further away on the glory leg and his effort produced the falsest time of the day of 10min 42secs.
Sadly, one small step backwards counted for little in a week when a raft of other measures betrayed Mr Cameron's continued obsession with that falsest of gods, "progress".
New Zealand won the first game of this six-match series - the third ODI was washed out - but that has proved to be the falsest of false dawns.
Aa Imagine what future historians will say about itAua nakedly aggressive war launched under the falsest of pretenses, in brazen violation of every relevant precept of law, which destroyed an entire country, killed huge numbers of innocent people, and devastated the entire population.
One hadith states "Beware of zann (here "speculation about others"), for indeed zann is the falsest of speech.
Scott Fitzgerald, whose dictum we should recall when reading any of these books: biography is the falsest of the arts.
Wolves were back in the top flight - sadly it was to prove the falsest of dawns.
We are, in fact, fundamentally inclined to maintain that the falsest judgments .
But is this not the falsest obviousness, in at least two respects?
But their start proved the falsest of dawns, with the Black Country outfit then outgated and outgunned.