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But the new workplace novel is even more proletarian, and bows to even falser gods, such as just keeping your job no matter what because you can be so easily displaced.
First, in "Of presumption" he says that we must "sift" the true from the falser True and false opinions are mixed together, and we must find a way to distinguish them.
There had always been an element of falseness about the mutual protestations of affection, but in recent years, the claims have appeared to be falser than ever and increasingly designed to conceal very real tensions.
This position was in open contrast to that expressed by numerous Laender, particularly the Land Tyrol, a position which, in a constitutional draft written by the jurist Stephan Falser and sent to Renner in September of 1919, called for, analogous to the Swiss Constitution of 1874, the equal relegation of federal legislation to a federal assembly and a regional chamber and the creation of a constitutional court to which the Landtag (State Diet), i.
more cruel then the Tyger o're his spoyl; / falser then the Weeping Crocodile / Can you adde Vanity to Guilt" (IV, iv, vv.
They seem no truer than Galton's images--nor falser.
El senor de Falser, en Tarragona, pretendia recompensar a dos frailes, uno franciscano y otro, dominico tras sus respectivas predicaciones, los cuales envidiandose los posibles premios expresaron sus deseos para perjudicar al companero, solicitando y obteniendo doscientos bastonazos el franciscano y cuatrocientos el dominico.