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Table 1 Attribute in support in support Fuzzy weight weight of name of truthness of falseness [f.
women, ballet," and in which Masaryk convinces him of the falseness of the inspiration he has chosen.
To me, it's like finding 'the pearl of great price'--by casting off all falseness and embracing humility, I learn to become myself and love my neighbour.
Viewers, however, see through the ultimate falseness of a newscast that distorts the community in which they live.
After some discussion, the group gives their opinion of the validity or falseness of the disclosure, and the person providing the comment can tell the real story.
It is a misuse of God's name if we call upon the Lord God in any way to support falseness or wrong-doing.
1 editorial telling the people of the San Fernando Valley that the secession movement is over and it is time to move on was shallow and filled with falseness.
The professed love for "nature" is a worn-out, hollow cliche, the patent falseness of which is evident to anyone who has tried to search out what truly remains of Japan's wild patrimony.
Sanctuary Cove was successful because it locked out the falseness.
The falseness of Knotts' position should be evident since his home state of Florida had an immediate halt in carjackings as soon as the concealed handgun law was passed; carjackers switched to robbing tourists in rental cars from the airports.
I'm sad that the safety and security I felt as a child now rings false, and I carry that falseness with me in adulthood.
There is no room in leadership for falseness or dishonesty.
The full title of the collection, Serendipities: Language and Lunacy, is interesting in that it applies to the whole text, and it becomes self-explanatory when we read the first chapter, wherein Eco discusses the relations between falseness and truth in order to demonstrate that "the false (not necessarily in the form of lies but surely in the form of error) has motivated many events of history.
The exo-deductive approach verifies the falseness of suspicious material by carrying out a sequence of independent (deductive) calculations without employing components of erroneous material.
Joy suggests the falseness of the alleged dilemma of self-fulfillment vs.