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Patterson pleaded guilty to 17 counts of falsely describing food contrary to the Food Safety Act and one count of failing to comply with food traceability requirements.
Natalie Clarke, formerly of Henley Road, Henley Green, was found guilty of falsely receiving housing benefit and council tax benefit to the value of pounds 5,556.
Those who falsely sign a statement can be arrested and charged with perverting the course of justice or wasting police time.
Officers yesterday arrested a 40-year-old man from North Tyneside and cautioned him for fraud after he falsely claimed his car had been stolen.
A jury at Southwark Crown Court decided by a majority of 11 to one that he had falsely claimed for travel and overnight subsistence.
They heard he assaulted and falsely arrested Iraqi Waad al-Baghdadi, 24, after he asked for pounds 600 he was owed for a website showcasing Dizaei's controversial career.
The Food Unit says up to 20,000 of the falsely labelled milk products are being recalled from supermarkets in the nation.
Alison Holgate, of Midland Street, Hillhouse, falsely claimed pounds 6324.
TESTS for hospital superbug Clostridium Difficile miss it in up to 20 per cent of cases but also falsely diagnose thousands more.
LONDON: Former Culture Club singer BOY GEORGE will stand trial in February charged with falsely imprisoning a male escort by chaining him to a wall, a court ruled yesterday.
Boy George was sent for trial yesterday accused of falsely imprisoning a male escort by chaining him to a wall.
Japanese central and local government officials continued to inspect the headquarters of another time-honored sweets maker, Ofuku Mochi Honke Yugen Kaisha, on Tuesday on suspicion it falsely labeled production dates and ingredients of its ''Ofuku Mochi'' rice cake, known as a souvenir for visitors to the Ise Jingu grand shrine in Ise, Mie Prefecture, for more than 25 years.
The Air Force said Pinnacle falsely claimed that its Dragon Skin flexible armor had received a high-level certification from the National Institute of Justice.
Liberty's Last Champion: The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has donated $10,000 to the Florida Innocence Initiative to help defray costs of representing falsely accused and convicted prisoners.
When he discovers that Carlos, by now a teenager, has fallen for Virginia, an enraged Gardner falsely accuses Carlos of a sexual crime and has him arrested.