false move

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a false move

An action that shows one's defiance to someone's orders. The robber threatened to hurt us if we made a false move.
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a/one false move

An action that threatens to worsen an already precarious situation. We didn't call the police because the robber said he'd hurt anyone who made a false move. If we make one false move now, we're liable to lose the house we're bidding on.
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one false move

An action that shows one's defiance to someone's orders. The robber threatened to hurt us if we made one false move.
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false move

 and one false move
Fig. [even] a single movement that indicates that one is disobeying an order to remain still or in a nonthreatening posture. The robber threatened to shoot us if we made one false move.
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(make) a/one false ˈmove

(informal) in an already dangerous or risky situation, something which makes your position even more dangerous: She’s in a difficult financial situation, and if she makes a false move now she could lose everything.‘One false move and you’re dead,’ he shouted at the bank clerk.
See also: false, move, one
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Citing another false move by the party leadership, some Congress leaders said the party and the government erred in forcing the defence minister to make a statement in the House on LoC killings on August 6 soon after the Opposition created a ruckus.
Knowing that one false move at 40mph while balanced on a tyre less than an inch thick could end her career, Pendleton nevertheless pursues gold medals and world titles with the courage of a lioness.
It is a false move for the Philippine side to incite the anti-China protest, which will escalate and complicate the current situation," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a press briefing in Beijing.
One false move and they would get arrested and deported to their countries.
Cook, India's nemesis in his career-best 294 in the last Test at Edgbaston last week, still appeared hungry for plenty more - and apart from one swish at a wide half-volley from Sreesanth, which just missed the edge, he did not make a false move.
The al Qaeda leader, widely believed to be hiding in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan, was actually one of the mysterious neighbours next door -- acutely aware that one false move could tip off U.
The challenges seem fairly simple, but having to hold your nerve when so much is at stake increases the pressure, and one false move means you could lose everything.
30pm) Robert Llewellyn meets people who provide electricity to homes, including a man who works on a helicopter platform, where one false move could result in a fatal shock or a fall of more than 160ft to the ground below.
Its not a disastrous marketing strategy or a false move by the telecom companies, its just how we think about it.
Trapped in the jungle with these fierce predators the gang put their survival skills to the ultimate test in a perilous landscape where one false move could be their last.
An official in the Iranian Department of Culture and Defense Information went on to say that Iranian troops were monitoring land, air, and sea borders accurately and effectively, while stressing that "any false move by the Zionist entity will have serious repercussions on the region and on the Zionist occupation of Jerusalem".
With tips on speed, balance, maneuverability, and using your enhanced skating skills to better effect on the rink, Laura Stamm gives hockey players who want to increase their skills with the fundamental techniques of movement on the advice everything they need to know to not make a false move when it counts.
Carefully, that is, because with one false move, you can be uncontrollably gusted out to sea.
One false move by AS Roma's defence and we can punish them with an away goal that should prove fatal to their European cause.