fall on (one's) feet

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fall on (one's) feet

To adeptly survive a difficult ordeal or situation without suffering any major negative consequences. I wouldn't worry about Chloe—no matter what bizarre scheme she gets mixed up in, she always falls on her feet.
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fall on one's feet

Also, land on one's feet. Overcome difficulties, be restored to a sound or stable condition. For example, Don't worry about Joe's losing his job two years in a row-he always falls on his feet, or The company went bankrupt, but the following year it was restructured and landed on its feet . This term alludes to the cat and its remarkable ability to land on its paws after falling from a great height. [Mid-1800s]
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fall (or land) on your feet

achieve a fortunate outcome to a difficult situation.
This expression comes from cats' supposed ability always to land on their feet, even if they fall or jump from a very high point.
1996 Sunday Post Unlike most people in Hollywood who starved to get there, I just fell on my feet.
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fall/land on your ˈfeet

(informal) be lucky in finding a good position, job, place to live, etc., especially when your previous situation was difficult: Well, you really fell on your feet this time, didn’t you? A job in Rome, a large flat, a company car...This expression may refer to the fact that cats are thought to always land safely on their feet, even if they fall or jump from a very high place.
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