fall within (something)

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fall within (something)

To fit within a certain range, category, or parameters. Do his test results fall within normal limits?
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fall within something

to belong to a specific category or classification. This falls within the realm of the medical profession. There's no more I can do for you. Does this fall within your area of expertise?
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fall within

To be within or to be classified as within a range, limit, or category: The number of storms this year fell within the normal range.
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The powers falling within the FIRST class are those of declaring war and granting letters of marque; of providing armies and fleets; of regulating and calling forth the militia; of levying and borrowing money.
In Umed Ali village falling within the limits of the Saddar police station of Jacobabad, a man, Shahbaz Rind, shot dead a 25-year-old youth, Hazaro Khan alias Geedo, and then returned to his home to kill his sister, Shazia, 22, late on Saturday evening on suspicion of an extramarital affairs between them.
Inflation seen falling within 2 to 4% target !-- -- Lawrence Agcaoili (The Philippine Star) - April 29, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Private economists expect inflation this year to fall within the two to four percent target set by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), according to a survey conducted by the central bank.
Keeping in view the sensitive nature of the job, the authorities consulted the original revenue record/Masavies of the year 1956-57, 1905-07 and 1884-85 of mouzas of Malpur (CDA acquired land), Mohra Noor, Kot Hathiyal, Shahpur and Phulgraan falling within ICT limits and mouzas Salketar and Manga of Tehsil Murree, district Rawalpindi.
KARACHI -- 19th August, 2018: In order to facilitate its consumers during the announced Eid-ul-Azha holidays, K-Electric has provided an extension in all billing due dates falling within these holidays.
In this context, the Prosecutor stated that her Office will also examine whether any of the newly reported incidents of violence constitute crimes falling within the jurisdiction of the ICC, and for the same purpose, will continue to record any new instances of violence or incitement to violence that may occur in the future.
Justice Shaukat Siddiqui remarked that running of a guest house was an activity falling within the definition of nonconforming use.
(c) Cashless payments or transfers of deposits/funds to accounts held abroad or in other credit institutions are prohibited, with the exception of- (i) Payments through cheques to accounts held in other credit institutions up to e1/49.000 per month per natural person in each credit institutioneO(ii) Payments to other credit institutions for transactions that fall within the normal business activity of the customer upon presentation of justifying documents as follows: ()payments of up to e1/425.000 per day per account are not subject to any restrictive measure:Provided that the Committee may ask for information for payments falling within this category.(bb)payment from e1/425.001 to e1/4200.000 is subject to the approval of the Committee.
"IJNL" is a reference for both professionals and academics in the field of nuclear law and provides current information on all major developments falling within the domain of nuclear law.
The main changes to the current Uses Classes Order is the sub-division of uses previously falling within Use Class A3 (food and drink) creating three separate use classes; Use Class A3 (restaurants and cafAs); Use Class A4 (drinking establishments); and Use Class A5 (hot food takeaways).
legally procured and generally accepted as falling within the category of medicine and drugs") are medical care expenditures, but the costs of toiletries, cosmetics and sundry items are not; see regulations section 1.213-1 (e)(2).
Until recently, most people viewed history as a string of distinct events falling within independent themes.
TEI agrees that problems currently exist with the provision of training services (both in terms of VAT registration obligations for suppliers and submission of Eighth Directive Refund claims by customers) and that these services should be treated as falling within the general rule of Article 9(2)(e).
For expenditures not falling within the 12-month rule, taxpayers will have to capitalize: