fall outside (something)

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fall outside (something)

To not be included in some category, range, or scope. I'm sorry, but I can't speak on the matter—it falls outside my jurisdiction as a judge.
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fall outside something

to be beyond someone's power, responsibility, or jurisdiction. This matter falls outside my bailiwick. Her offense fell outside of the manager's jurisdiction.
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fall outside

To fail to be within or classified within some range, limit, or category: That behavior falls outside of what is allowed here. The proposed budget falls outside the guidelines.
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Then there was a heavy shock, as of something falling outside. Then a groan, then another interval of silence--a long silence, interrupted no more.
ISLAMABAD -- With Indian Army reportedly planning to install a new border fence along the Line of Control in Uri sector of north Kashmir, residents of the areas falling outside the current fence are demanding that the fence be installed beyond their villages.
With the Springboks clash falling outside World Rugby's autumn international fixture window, players who ply their trade outside Wales are not obliged to be released by their clubs.
On Friday, Underwood suffered multiple injuries, including a broken wrist, after falling outside of her home in Nashville.
Elenor Myfanwy Pleming says she was on the "verge of tears" while lying on the cold, wet pavement after slipping and falling outside her home in Saron, Llanwnda, near Caernarfon.
Mary Groves, 97, said she had been knocked over by schoolgirls after falling outside the Central Pharmacy in Wellfield Road, Cardiff, on September 27 last year.
Consequently, one can view this process as officially falling outside the purview of the FAR and DFARS.
Although the rain was falling outside, inside the tent spirits soared.
Barry's Kyron Sullivan continues to feel the pressure after falling outside the top 15 who win places on next season's European Tour.
He was told that the Local Government Association was moving towards favouring a six-term year with fixed terms which would sometimes see the Easter bank holiday weekend falling outside the school holiday.
This state's single business tax (SBT) is one of the most burdensome taxes falling outside P.L.
Switching between supplies while they have not fully stabilized, or switching several loads into the same supply line causes momentary power overloads and brownouts, which leads to output regulation falling outside design limits.
The differences between 2002 and 2003 are in part due to Easter falling outside the reporting period this year.
The new text features a warning that the standard does not fully comply with the essential health and safety requirements of Directive 98/37/EC on machinery, particularly the requirements as to the risk of falling, the instructions and the risks of people falling outside the cabin.
Doris Lambeth, aged 60, fractured her ankle after falling outside her home in Claypit Lane, West Bromwich.