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I was treading shaky ground as I began my translation without personal experience of Mexico--I had to treat the theme of 'inherent' Mexican surrealism as noted by Breton while not falling into the trap of essentialization myself.
Novel without being "gimmicky", his experience working with radio stations around the globe has resulted in his demonstration of a rare ability - he's able to present on a local radio station without falling into the trap of becoming rigidly parochial.
The UFO Experience Reconsidered" focuses on hard science, and avoids falling into the trap of simply recounting abduction stories and conspiracy theories.
WHY on earth do TDs keep falling into the trap of trying to help vicious criminals?
Instead of falling into the trap of radical design changes, Konami has taken the 20-year-old franchise back to its 2D roots on the Nintendo DS, churning out several Castlevania hits.
General Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, who retired as defence chief earlier this year, said: "We must avoid falling into the trap of becoming so mesmerised by Osama bin Laden and al Qaida that other key parts of defence are neglected and underfunded and we are found unprepared when confronted by a new threat.
However, falling into the trap of thinking you need a particular product is just what the advertisers want you to think.
Without falling into the trap of adhering strictly to the plot of Dante's narrative, Bigonzetti's work is fluid, rich in atmosphere and suggestion, evocative without being emphatic.
Mr Brown said he wanted to avoid falling into the trap of the last government over the European exchange-rate mechanism.
Following this advice helps avoid falling into the trap of starting to design buildings before there is any real concept of what one wants to do with them.
By designing networks that map to actual user requirements, rather than falling into the trap of buying the next new thing, businesses could recoup substantial capital dollars that can be redeployed in areas where they actually make a difference".
Instead of joining with others to protest, we agonize to ourselves, feeling our vote means nothing by itself, thus falling into the trap of apathy.