fall outside (something)

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fall outside (something)

To not be included in some category, range, or scope. I'm sorry, but I can't speak on the matter—it falls outside my jurisdiction as a judge.
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fall outside something

to be beyond someone's power, responsibility, or jurisdiction. This matter falls outside my bailiwick. Her offense fell outside of the manager's jurisdiction.
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fall outside

To fail to be within or classified within some range, limit, or category: That behavior falls outside of what is allowed here. The proposed budget falls outside the guidelines.
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She added: "My neighbours phoned me at about 4.30pm telling me my mum had fallen outside her house.
In a submission to the Oireachtas finance committee, the firm said that about 68 percent of all of its mortgages to first-time buyers this year would have fallen outside the new loan-to-value and income thresholds that the Central Bank of Ireland is planning to introduce from January 1, 2015.
His pride obviously must have taken a bit of a dent because he's fallen outside the top 16 and that's maybe going to focus him again to come back to where he should be."
Recently I saw Paul helping a young man who had fallen outside a shop and was having a fit.
SNOOKER: Wales' Matthew Stevens - who has struggled with his game in recent seasons and fallen outside the elite top 16 - claimed a first round Shanghai Masters win over Mark Allen.
The Elland Road outfit have fallen outside the play-off places but boss McAllister said: "We've just got to keep goingand when it turns we'll be OK."
The S&P 500 daily returns have fallen outside the two-standard-deviation bands five times since the beginning of the year, which is within the range of what we would expect.
Since the beginning of the year, one-day changes in the Broad Dollar Index (four times) and the Major Currency Index (six times) have fallen outside their historical bands of plus and minus two standard deviations.
If the EU plan is approved it will involve checks on about 300 products which have so far fallen outside the EU's controls.
He said at least 14 inches of snow had fallen outside his office in Springfield, Missouri.
The inhabitants have fallen outside history and heaven simultaneously; they are all equally moronic in their gestures and motives, until suddenly one of them unleashes a monologue that gives a glimpse into an unclocked interior world poetically transformed.