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Where he had fallen beneath the spring of the lion the witch-doctor lay, torn and bleeding, unable to drag himself away and watched the terrific battle between these two lords of the jungle.
"Think of that dear little babe," said Miss Purdy, "lost from his mother's side-- perhaps already fallen beneath the iron hoofs of galloping steeds-- oh, isn't it dreadful?"
As they were rushing to obey their leader's command there was a respite in the fighting on the ship, for the three who had not fallen beneath the bull whip had leaped overboard to escape the fate which had overtaken their comrades.
A few blows convinced Bradley that the Wieroos were arrant cowards and that they bore no weapons, for after two or three had fallen beneath his fists the others formed a circle about him, but at a safe distance and contented themselves with threatening and blustering, while those whom he had felled lay upon the pavement without trying to arise, the while they moaned and wailed in lugubrious chorus.
Last November, when Hillary Clinton lost three states long assumed to be firmly entrenched behind the blue wall--Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin--Democrats awoke to two grim realities: that Donald Trump would become president, and that their party's dwindling support from the white working class had now fallen beneath the level necessary for Democratic victories.
in a busy market, ignoring a beaten man fallen beneath a cross.
Until now he was believed to be doing penance at a monastery in Cumbria after admitting he had "fallen beneath the standards" expected of him.
O'Brien previously admitted his sexual conduct had "fallen beneath the standards" expected of him as a bishop.
In an astonishing about-turn Cardinal Keith O'Brien said his "sexual conduct has fallen beneath the standards expected of me".
Sporting have pitched his goal minutes at 51-54 - a level which Van Persie has fallen beneath on each of his last seven appearances.
This book, which, quite honestly, is impossible to put down once you've fallen beneath its spell, takes you out into the gardens in certain sections.
The 16-year-old was said to have slipped and fallen beneath a National Express West Midlands bus as he ran to catch it in Mere Green, Sutton Cold-field.
Edano also said the government lifted a shipment ban for shiitake mushrooms in Iwaki after a series of tests showed the level of radioactive contamination had fallen beneath the legal limit.
Unfortunately, Stoeger has fallen beneath the protective wing of Beretta and the Manager of Beretta has determined not to work with us.
The Telegraph reported yesterday how schools minister Ed Balls had specially praised Coventry schools, saying there were none which had fallen beneath the 30 per cent GCSE target.