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"The relative scarcity of fallen angels during the financial crisis was likely attributable to a relatively healthy nonfinancial corporate sector that did not cause the financial crisis and the Federal Reserve's post-financial crisis aggressive monetary policies that stimulated risk appetite for corporate debt and provided liquidity to corporate credit markets," says Kenneth Emery, a Moody's Senior Vice President.
In addition, only asking if a person has fallen in the past year will not identify the specific factors contributing to fall risk for the individual, which might be needed to select effective interventions to help prevent future falls.
"We've had steady decline since 2000," says Fallen. "It is most evident in American visitations, which are down as much as 30 per cent where visitors cross over at the Pigeon River border crossing."
They were already identified as at risk for falling by a healthcare provider's referral to the clinic, even if they had not fallen in the previous three-month time period.
Analyses of toppled stalagmites and other fallen rock formations in two Israeli caves may provide hints about the rate of ancient earthquakes in the area.
In Berlin he runs his company, Gravity Physical Entertainment, for which he created fallen, an uneven but richly detailed work that explores issues of vulnerability and frailty.
Overall, the production of industrial materials has fallen 6.2 percent since August 2000.
Once someone has fallen, he explains, a powerful post-fall anxiety syndrome often sets in, "which can have a dramatic impact on one's mobility, autonomy, and overall quality of life.
Over the past century, the work-time cost of a pair of Levi's jeans has fallen by nearly seven hours, to three hours and 24 minutes.
any of these men he's fallen for have been heterosexual." Oh, yes,
The fallen victim of war on barren battlefields finds no help more enlivening than the cup of water.
In fact, Overstall [37] suggested that "it is better to classify those who have fallen only once during the year as non-fallers and those who have fallen twice or more as true fallers".
The latter half of Anxiety in Eden, "Anxiety and the Actuality of Sin," which deals with Milton and Kierkegaard's views in regard to fallen consciousness, offers a fairly standard orthodox account of what is wrong and degenerative in the fallen Satan and wrong but reparable in fallen Eve and Adam.
Instead, they argued that the differences between the penitents and other working-class women were more of circumstance than of character - these 'fallen women' were not essentially different from other women of the same social origins.
By 1990, the city's share of total income had fallen to 78.3%.