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fall (up)on someone or something

1. to collapse on top of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The bridge fell upon a boat passing beneath it. A small branch fell on Jerry as he passed beneath the tree.
2. to attack someone or something. The cat fell upon the mouse and killed it. The children fell on the birthday cake and ate it all.
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fall (up)on someone

[for a task] to become the duty of someone. The task of telling Mother about the broken vase fell upon Jane. The job of cleaning up the spill fell upon Tom.
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fall on(to) someone or something

to collapse toward or onto someone or something. The fence fell onto the car, denting it severely. The branch fell on David.
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fall on

Also, fall upon.
1. Attack suddenly and viciously, as in They fell on the guards and overpowered them. [c. 1400]
2. Meet with, encounter, as in They fell on hard times. [Late 1500s]
3. Find by chance, discover, as in We fell upon the idea last Saturday night. [Mid-1600s]
4. Be the responsibility or duty of someone, as in It fell on Clara to support the entire family. [Mid-1800s] Also see the subsequent idioms beginning with fall on.
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fall on

or fall upon
1. To drop or descend from one location to a lower one: My coat got dirty when it fell on the muddy floor. The leaves fell upon the ground underneath the tree.
2. To occur at some particular point in time: My birthday falls on a Thursday this year. Their anniversary falls upon a Saturday this year.
3. To be passed on to someone, especially as a responsibility or burden: It falls on me now to maintain order here. It fell upon the president to solve the crisis.
4. To attack or beset someone or something suddenly and intensely: Insurgent forces fell on the unlucky patrol. A massive hurricane fell upon the coastal town.
5. To experience or enter into something, especially a negative state of affairs: The stockbrokers made a lot of money for a while, but fell on hard times during the recession. After he lost his job, he fell upon a difficult period.
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presidential campaign will fall upon Cincinnati when the famous Big
In many of the survey countries, people know that the system is failing, and that their future well-being will increasingly fall upon their own shoulders.
AFTER hearing of the quality of life in the North East, the nation's eyes will fall upon the region this weekend.
When businesses large or small fall upon hard times, they either lay off employees to survive or go out of existence and lay off everyone.
A resource update will be released this fall upon completion of a 2,400-metre diamond-drilling program, commencing this week.
CHANGES come into our life We see them every day The sun may shine, the rain may fall True, but come what may One day we're up, next day we're down We wear a smile, and then a frown We feel so happy, then so sad We wonder why, we feel so bad But further on along the road There's someone else with a heavier load So lift your burdens let them fall Upon the one who takes them all Then each new day, you're sure to find The changes are all in our mind
Grant, the film's biggest name, suspicion would naturally fall upon this character), who has a bewildering sway over his bewitching sister (Neve McIntosh).
Suggestions and advice on further refinements to the main engine do not fall upon deaf ears.
My apples fall upon the ground, just littered everywhere
With Webber out, an added scoring burden will fall upon forward Peja Stojakovic, who reported to camp in tremendous shape after leading Yugoslavia to the European Championship this summer, and Bibby, who scored 15 points against the Mavericks on Sunday night.
With fall upon us, you can now reach for the Fall supplement by The Sadkhin Complex.