fall under spell

fall under (someone's) spell

To come under the influence or control of someone who one finds fascinating, enchanting, or seductive. Our son has never acted out like this before. I think he must have fallen under his new friend's spell. I would normally never rush into a relationship this quickly before I fell under Janet's spell. Such was the magnitude of her beauty that countless men have fallen under the duchess's spell.
See also: fall, spell

fall under someone's spell

1. Lit. to come under the magical control of a magician or similar person. The damsel fell under the wizard's spell and sat there speechless. As the children fell under the witch's spell, they went to sleep.
2. Fig. to be fascinated by someone; to be enchanted by someone. She was so beautiful. I fell under her spell at once. Wally fell under Donna's spell and became helpless in her presence.
See also: fall, spell