fall short of goal

fall short of (one's) goal

To fail to meet or reach a goal, especially by a narrow margin or degree. Ugh, I fell just short of my goal of getting straight A's this semester. Our team has fallen short of our quarterly sales goal for the third time in a row.
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fall short of one's goal(s)

 and fall short of the goal(s); fall short of the record
to fail to achieve a goal. We fell short of our goal of collecting a thousand dollars. Ann ran a fast race, but fell short of the record.
See also: fall, goal, of, short
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When they fall short of goals, let them find a solution.
He's also insisting on a 4-2-3-1 system that could see Tottenham fall short of goals as they pursue a place in the top four.
The authors suggest, however, that people also "incur psychological costs from admitting goal failure" and that "psychological factors can motivate unethical actions after people fall short of goals. In particular," the authors note, "we expect people with unmet goals to be more likely to misrepresent their performances than people without specific goals."
Under the rule introduced in 2003, the management of banks receiving public financial help will be disciplined if their net profits fall short of goals specified in their management improvement plans by more than 30 percent for two business years in a row.
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