fall outside

fall outside (something)

To not be included in some category, range, or scope. I'm sorry, but I can't speak on the matter—it falls outside my jurisdiction as a judge.
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fall outside something

to be beyond someone's power, responsibility, or jurisdiction. This matter falls outside my bailiwick. Her offense fell outside of the manager's jurisdiction.
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fall outside

To fail to be within or classified within some range, limit, or category: That behavior falls outside of what is allowed here. The proposed budget falls outside the guidelines.
See also: fall, outside
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Participants were also introduced to the impact of VAT on government entities, and the independent activities carried out by government entities that fall outside the scope of VAT.
So catch-up TV services run by other channels - such as YouTube, Netflix, Apple and ITV Hub - streaming or downloading programmes after they've been shown, or programmes available online before being shown on TV, fall outside the new rules.
We will continue to have differences with the Cuban government, but our concerns over a wide range of Cuba's policies and actions fall outside the criteria that is relevant to whether to rescind Cuba's designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism," said White House Spokesperson Josh Earnest in the statement.
Over 400 rabbis signed a letter calling for an end to the demolitions of Palestinian homes that fall outside Israeli zoning laws.
Ulster Bank has said that the bulk of its first time mortgages would fall outside of the norms specified by the central bank of Ireland.
Thirteen of the houses are being offered as shared ownership which aims to help families which fall outside the mortgage market.
those that fall outside the defined categories) in any manner they desire.
Agencies that typically fall outside the parameters of the IIABA-endorsed program include those in business less than three years, those writing large volumes of business in higher hazard areas, and those acting mainly as a managing general agent or a broker.
Thus, the routine activities and advice rendered by in-house tax professionals fall outside the scope of activities and advice the government properly desires to staunch by, among other things, amending Circular 230.
Indeed, the hard choices ahead require that every group be clear about which core priorities it will protect at all costs--a set of choices that will by necessity require some theatres to eliminate activities that fall outside this core.
BETWEEN THE LINES: Literally billions of dollars in so-called federal highway funds have been spent over the last decade on projects having nothing to do with highway maintenance and that fall outside the proper purview of the federal government.
While the range of reason allows for differing opinions about various concepts within the Humanist camp (reasonable minds will sometimes differ, after all), the myth and superstition of virtually all of the world's ancient religious institutions clearly fall outside the parameters of reason.
For businesses whose requirements fall outside the pre-configured solutions, Unisys has created an interactive Web-based database server sizing tool.
Those that fall outside Lincoln's specification are automatically rejected.