fall off (one's) perch

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fall off (one's) perch

slang To die. I hope not to fall off my perch until I'm old and gray.
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fall off the perch


fall off your perch

If someone falls off the perch or falls off their perch, they die. Note: A perch is a pole, branch or other place where a bird sits to rest. He fell off the perch years ago. Note: Other verbs such as drop or topple can be used instead of fall. He'll topple off his perch one morning. You know how it is. Note: This expression is used humorously.
See also: fall, off, perch
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Occasionally, though, Everton can wobble and fall off their perch. Invariably this season, that has happened when they have slipped a goal behind.
# NOT a person in Britain will fall off their perch in surprise when, on June 9, the Chancellor declares his five economic tests for euro entry have not been met.
WHY don't birds fall off their perches when sleeping?
And in 1993 pounds 50,000 was spent smearing the column with a slippery gel to make birds fall off their perches.