fall into the trap of (doing something)

fall into the trap of (doing something)

To succumb to doing something foolish or irresponsible. After college, I fell into the trap of using credit cards, and I've been deep in debt ever since.
See also: fall, of, trap

fall into the trap

COMMON If someone falls into the trap of doing something, they make a very common mistake, or one that is very easy to make. School administrators often fall into the trap of thinking that discipline problems are the cause of low levels of achievement. I refuse to fall into the trap of washing his dishes for him.
See also: fall, trap

fall into/avoid the trap of doing something

do/avoid doing something that is a mistake but which seems at first to be a good idea: Parents sometimes fall into the trap of trying to do everything for their children.
See also: avoid, fall, of, something, trap