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If we will turn and fall into step with Jesus, we will come to realise what God is like, what his purpose for us humans is, and what he has done to make that purpose a reality for those who trust in him.
Doha's move to fall into step with other Gulf monarchies suggests it is losing influence in the region, said Lina Khatib of the think tank Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
Therefore, Parliament could fall into step with the Commission on this matter, which would likely antagonise a number of member states.
TIME is running out for landlords to fall into step with new Government guidelines.
Rather than reinvent ourselves to fall into step with today's marketplace, we choose not to compromise our core value and mission of providing anything short of fine, upscale table artistry.
Aer Lingus, which flies from Birmingham to Dublin, says full implementation of its survival plan, which includes cutting a third of the 6,000-strong workforce, is the airline's only hope and that the pilots must fall into step with the majority of staff in accepting the changes.
Each length of railroad would be operated to a single local time, and the communities it served would often fall into step with this "railroad time," but the few advocates of standard time in the 1870s found railroad managers little disposed to listen to them.
He said the Welsh Assembly should fall into step with Westminster and pay grants to trainees.
Fall into step with Commander Collins in today's Racing Post Trophy at Doncaster.
Those who stay fall into step to do the best show they can.
The circuit shows how the addition of a small chaotic component to a smoothly varying, regularly repeating input signal used to drive two separate oscillators helps the signal emanating from the oscillators fall into step. Without this chaotic component, the two oscillators would generate signals that are either fully in step or exactly out of step.
Sion, the devoted follower, expertly mimes playing the tuba; Ben and Serena, newcomers to Carlo's mansion, fall into step, miming playing the drum and cymbals.
Lesson: It's smart to fall into step with those who are headed where we want to go.