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Jonny Gomes, Jon Lester, Shane Victorino and David Ortiz were the Red Sox' Fall Guys as Boston won the World Series in 2013.
One company chief reportedly said: 'If you tell me there has to be someone on the board who is ultimately responsible as a fall guy, we can put someone in place in order that they can be easily fired and replaced.
Birmingham Mail columnist Newbon became the fall guy of the bizarre ritual after he predicted Tamworth would lose away to League One side Hartlepool.
Battling Ray McKenzie proved he was no fall guy at the World Kick Boxing Championships in Niagra Falls, Canada.
And former European champion Williams added: ``I'mnot here to be a fall guy -tell Mike be ready for a fight.
A defeat would be the first for Premier Tony Blair - but ministers close to him believe they can protect him by allowing Clarke to become the fall guy.
He would need to find a fall guy who could be made to look even less capable, less in control than himself wouldn't he?
He also got one over brother Michael who scored five points for Llanelli but proved the family fall guy when his kick was charged down by James for a try which James also converted.
He's just a simple-minded fall guy with a horrible beard.
And former European champion Williams added: ``I'm not here to be a fall guy -tell Mike be ready for a fight.
DAVID TAYLOR last night insisted he won't be the fall guy and won't resign if the SFA lose their battle with Hearts boss Craig Levein.
Gaffe-prone Mr Hoon - widely seen as the Government fall guy in the David Kelly affair - is expected to quit as soon as Lord Hutton finishes his inquiry into the death of the weapons expert.
His other TV credits include "Barbary Coast," "The Fall Guy," "Knight Rider," "Glitter" and "Street Hawk.
Now we know that Michael Brown became the fall guy for Bush incompetence.
Andy is the fall guy for villain Johnny; Frightened Andy is dealt rough justice in the Walford showdown